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Accused Drunk Driver Hits Cop Car, Hands Officer a Beer

May 14, 2014

A Georgia man who allegedly struck a police car while driving under the influence of alcohol and then offered the cop a beer has made national headlines this month.

People are arrested every day across the country for DUI-related offenses, but Damon Tobias Exum, 37, is standing out from the crowd for his ill-timed generosity.

According to initial police reports, Exum was “heavily intoxicated” and completely unaware that he had driven into a police car on an early Saturday morning in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody. After hitting the police car, Exum reportedly continued down a highway and the officer followed suit until Exum eventually stopped. When the officer asked Exum for his license, Exum allegedly handed over the frosty brew instead.

“The driver was intoxicated and not making the best decisions,” Dunwoody Police Officer Tim Fecht told the New York Daily News, in what may be the understatement of the month, if not year.
Fortunately no one was hurt, which made the incident prime fodder for media outlets and social media commentary across the country. Most have found the incident understandably hilarious. The image of someone being so intoxicated they don’t realize they have hit a marked police car, and then handing the officer a beer, sounds like a plot device in a Will Ferrell comedy.

DUI charges, however, are serious offenses in Georgia, as they are in Maryland and the Washington, DC Metropolitan region. They can result in the loss of driving privileges, massive fines, and, in some cases, jail time. Conviction for a DUI can jeopardize your ability to pass background checks and hamper your ability to qualify for a commercial driver’s license and even some bank loans. Property management companies often turn away potential tenants if they see a DUI or similar arrest on their record. And if anyone is injured or killed as a result of a DUI incident, felony charges will be likely be sought.

If you have been cited for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in Maryland or DC, you will require the skilled representation of an experienced DUI lawyer. David Benowitz and Kush Arora lead a team of dedicated DUI attorneys who have vast experience defending clients against such charges. Call their law offices today to schedule a no-cost, initial consultation where you can get answers to your many questions and find out the best possible defense strategy for the charge you are facing.

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