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Former Child Star Taken into Custody

Practicing law in a populated and metropolitan area, a Maryland criminal lawyer will likely help famous clients who have been charged with a number of criminal charges. Examples of cases handled are much like that of former child star Brian Bonsall, who was taken into police custody for assault after getting into a bar brawl. He is being held in county on two separate bonds amounting to $7,500.

The Family Ties and ‘Star Trek’ The Next Generation star is currently facing third-degree assault charges for hitting his friend in the face with a bar stool. Bonsall and his “friend” Michael Trujillo were arguing at the bar when Bonsall was asked to leave. However, Bonsall reacted angrily and proceeded to beat Trujillo with a bar stool. According to police reports, alcohol is to have played a factor in this case, as Bonsall did not remember the incident the next day. However, the actor admitted that both he and his friend are bipolar and consume/possess drugs. Bonsall blames the possession of drugs as well as his psychological disorder for his failure to remember the assault.

Bonsall is no stranger to problems with the law. In 2004, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. And in 2007, Bonsall was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend. For both charges, Bonsall failed to show to his court hearings. Therefore, when he was arrested for assault last week, police already had charges against him. All of the legal discretion have ultimately hurt Bonsall’s case in this instance. It is likely that his sentencing will be greatly affected by his history.

Facing accusations of assault charges is an overwhelming process regardless of celebrity status. Conviction of criminal charges will have life changing consequences including the loss of driving privileges, fines, and/or jail time. For the best defense of your personal liberties and freedoms, it is important to contact a hard-working and experienced Maryland criminal attorney immediately. Our Maryland criminal lawyer website is only one click away!

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