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Pleading “Wet Reckless” Helps Reality T.V. Star Avoid DUI

Practicing law in a metropolitan area, it is common for a Maryland DUI lawyer to represent famous individuals on charges of drunk driving. Examples of cases handled are much like the incident involving reality t.v. star Shayne Lamas, who was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. The Bachelor and Leave it to Lamas star was out on the town with friends, when she willingly drove through a mandatory check-point on her way home. According to her testimony, she believed that she would pass the breathalyzer test. However, when the breathalyzer test indicated that Lamas was over the state legal limit, she was immediately arrested for driving while intoxicated. After a quick night in the drunk tank, Lamas was released the next morning.

Although Lamas was due in court for her misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charges on December 9th, the reality t.v.star decided to take matters into her own hands. Two days before her court appearance, Lamas pled guilty to a lesser charge of “wet reckless” driving instead of a more serious driving while intoxicated charge. “Wet reckless” driving can replace driving under the influence charges when there is a non-injury incident.

However, this is the only break she is likely to receive. Insurance companies treat “wet reckless” driving the same as driving under the influence, and it still counts on a person’s record as a DUI if he/she is convicted of another DUI within ten years of the incident. The judge sentenced Lamas to three years of probation and to undergo alcohol education and complete a county run and organized program. This a similar sentence to what many other celebrities have received for their driving while intoxicated charges, including Khloe Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. Lastly, Lamas was fined $300 for her DUI charges.

Being accused of driving while intoxicated charges is a difficult and scary process for anyone to go through, regardless of celebrity status. Conviction of a DUI will have numerous severe consequences including the loss of driving privileges, fines, and/or jail time. Therefore, it is vital to contact a hard-working Maryland DUI attorney, who will give you the best legal advice and legal representation possible for your case.

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