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DUI Checkpoints Avoided By The Help Of New Technology

It is common around the holiday season that police step up enforcement to keep an eye out for drunk drivers. Research has shown that checkpoints help reduce alcohol related crashes because drivers fear receiving a DUI charge. However, the group most at risk, young drivers, are missing the message.

In order to avoid arrest for driving while intoxicated charges, young adults are using technology to inform others of the checkpoint’s location. The information can be passed along by text message, email, or Twitter. Additionally, a iPhone application was developed and released that also informs drivers of where checkpoints are. Many are injured and/or killed in alcohol related crashes this time of year–perhaps in an effort to avoid a DUI checkpoint.

However, there are many who believe that sharing this information is helpful, not harmful. Police departments around the country promote their checkpoints in several media venues to encourage individuals to designate a sober driver. Sharing the information through text message, Twitter, or iPhone application does the same thing, perhaps more effectively. Reaching individuals–especially young adults on their cellular phones, is a quick and cheap way to spread an important message.

While law enforcement officials certainly do not want to encourage drunk drivers to hit the road by sharing information, changing the place is an extensive and difficult process. Changing the spot of the checkpoint after announcing it will prove difficult due to legal requirements, as well as the great number of officers and equipment it takes to set-up the site.

On average, drunk driving accidents are reduced approximately twenty percent because of checkpoints. The goal, however, is not to keep drunk drivers off the road, but instead prevent them from getting in the car in the first place. By increasing the perceived risk of arrest, intoxicated individuals will be less likely to get behind the wheel. Sharing this information only increases that perceived risk, as well as the incentive for young adults to appoint a sober driver.

Facing a driving while intoxicated charge is a difficult and confusing process. Conviction of a Maryland DUI charge can have life changing consequences including the loss of driving privileges, fines, and/or jail time. For the best legal advice possible, contact a hard-working and aggressive Maryland DUI attorney or Maryland criminal lawyer immediately. Visit this link to learn more.

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