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Maryland Armed Robbery – Baltimore Man Sentenced to 33 Years For Armored Car Robbery

An experienced Maryland criminal lawyer will likely represent a number of individuals who have been accused of a variety of criminal charges. Generally, defendants face a number of violations all associated with one particular incident. The circumstances are similar regarding a 2008 armed robbery of an armored vehicle just outside of Baltimore–the suspects were convicted and sentenced on multiple charges.

On March 29th, U.S. District Judge Richard Bennett sentenced three suspects held in custody after being accused of Maryland armed robbery charges involving an armored car at the Lexington Market. On May 9th, 2008, Baltimore resident Walter Morsley, 50, along with two others, robbed an armored vehicle that was picking up and dropping off cash to the Lexington Market. While inside the supermarket, Morsley acted as a lookout by carrying a shotgun in a bag, while the employees of the armored car were robbed of $105,000. Immediately following the incident, the three men fled the scene, meeting up and dividing the money at an abandoned house nearby.

The other two conspirators in this case, Donald Cromwell, 54, and Charles Witherspoon, 50, both of Baltimore, pled guilty in December 2009 for their involvement in the incident. Witherspoon was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars after being convicted of Maryland armed robbery charges and Maryland gun charges. Cromwell was convicted of the same crimes, but will not be sentenced until April 2010. Morsley was sentenced to thirty-three years behind bars for armed robbery, possession of a gun by a felon, and brandishing a gun.

Being charged with a crime is a difficult process for anyone to go through, regardless of how many violations that person is facing. As seen by the example of Walter Morsley, Charles Witherspoon, and Donald Cromwell, conviction of armed robbery charges or gun charges can have life-changing consequences including significant jail time. To prevent this from happening to you and ensure the most successful outcome, it is important to contact a hard-working and experienced Maryland armed robbery lawyer immediately. Doing so can provide the best legal advice and legal representation for your case.

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