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Maryland DUI Law – New Interlock Ignition Bill Waiting on House Approval

As the legal career of a dedicated Maryland DUI lawyer revolves around representing people who have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated, it is important to make the public aware of any new changes in state legislation that could potentially affect these cases. Recently introduced legislation would mandate that all individuals convicted of a DUI install an interlock ignition system into their vehicle as part of their sentence.

The interlock technology forces a motorist to blow into a breathalyzer system that would prevent the car from starting if the results registered over the legal limit. However, amendments were added allowing an exemption from this requirement for defendants who received probation before judgment in their DUI case.

Before the legislation can become law it must pass through the Maryland House of Representatives. And, as of last Friday, the bill remained in the House Judiciary Committee for deliberation. The group in charge of reviewing the bill is currently debating proposals only requiring those with blood alcohol content results registering between .12 and .15 to have the interlock system. Although these figures are well above the legal driving limit in the State of Maryland, the proposed changes would create a new category of “one sip over the line,” making it easier for those convicted of a DUI to regain their personal liberties and freedoms after fulfilling their sentence.

Being accused of driving while intoxicated is a difficult and strenuous process for anyone to go through, regardless of the circumstances. As seen by the new bill being debated by the Maryland legislature, DUI and DWI charges can have life-changing and permanent consequences, including the loss of driving privileges, probation, fines, and/or jail time. For the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, it is vital to contact a hard-working and experienced Maryland DUI attorney immediately. Doing so can also help ensure the most positive outcome for your case.

Maryland Gun Charges – Illegal Gun Sales Gets Former Police Chief 60 Days in Jail

Practicing law in a metropolitan area, it is common for an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer to represent city employees who have been accused of criminal charges. These individuals can include clerks, elected officials and even police officers. The circumstances are similar in a recent case where a former Maryland chief of police was arrested for stealing a gun and selling it illegally.

Last Friday, David Eichelberger, former police chief of Morningside, was sentenced to serve sixty days in jail after being convicted of Maryland gun charges and theft charges. He was accused of stealing a .40-caliber handgun that was registered property of the Morningside Police Department. Eichelberger then proceeded to sell the firearm out of the trunk of his police car for an unknown amount.

Immediately following the launch of the investigation against him, Eichelberger was fired from his position by Morningside officials. Circuit Court Judge for Prince George’s County, Nicholas Rattal, originally sentenced him to serve five years in prison for the Maryland gun charges, and eighteen months for the theft. In the end however, both sentences were suspended to sixty days, which can be served concurrently. In addition, he is also required to serve eighty hours of community service and pay $300 in fines.

Being accused of criminal charges is a difficult and overwhelming experience for anyone to go through, regardless of occupation. As seen by the example of David Eichelberger, conviction of Maryland gun charges or theft charges can have life-changing consequences, including losing your job, paying fines, and/or serving jail time. For the best protection of your personal liberties and freedoms, it is essential to contact a hard-working and aggressive Maryland gun lawyer. Doing so immediately can not only provide the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, but also help ensure the most positive outcome for your case. Click here to visit Maryland criminal lawyer Kush Arora’s Website.

Maryland Armed Robbery Charges – Criminal Charges for Six Men Accused of Home Invasion and Armed Robbery

Throughout the legal career of a dedicated Maryland criminal lawyer, it is common to represent individuals who have been accused of a variety of criminal charges. Often, these people are not accused alone, and others are also suspected of partaking in the criminal activity. The circumstances are similar in a recent case where six Maryland men are being charged for an alleged home invasion, where the victims were held at gun point and tied up.

Six Maryland men are facing Maryland armed robbery charges after Rockville police officers conducted a traffic stop and discovered drugs and evidence of other crimes in the vehicle. On March 12 and March 22, the men allegedly barged into private residences where high-stakes poker games were taking place. Dressed in police officer’s uniforms, they forced their way into the home, tied up the poker players, and stole various items from the homes such as jewelry, cash, and credit cards.

As a result of the investigation conducted by law enforcement officials, Kevin Guzman, 19, Dalio Guzman, 20, Samie Neil, 20, Francis Voysest, 19, and Kadeem Haynes, 19 have all been accused of Maryland armed robbery charges, including the use of a firearm, wearing a mask, and abduction. The sixth man, Hung Nguyen, 31, was charged with robbery. The investigation is currently ongoing. According to police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell, “We have very strong suspicions that more people may have been victims but are reluctant to come forward to report it.”

Facing accusations of criminal charges is a scary and difficult process for anyone to go through, whether the person is alleged to have acted alone or in a group. As seen by the above example, conviction of armed robbery charges can have life-changing consequences, including significant jail time. To protect your personal liberties and freedoms, it is vital to contact an experienced and hard-working Maryland armed robbery lawyer for assistance. Doing so immediately can not only provide the best legal advice and legal representation, but also help ensure the most positive outcome for your case.

Arizona Driver Arrested For DUI After Taking Cop Car, Turning On Siren

Posted On: May 27, 2015
An Arizona woman is facing two counts of aggravated DUI after allegedly taking a friend’s police car and driving to a fast food restaurant. Elizabeth Jean Moore, was taken into custody after turning on the siren while at the drive thru of a Jack-in-the-box. After being arrested Moore’s BAC was found to be .11. According to reports the deputy’s wife and two 12-yea-old girls were also in the vehicle.

Suspected DUI Driver Hits Disability Transport Bus in Maryland

Posted On: May 26, 2015
A Maryland driver suspected of DUI has been arrested after allegedly crashing into a disability transport bus in Laurel, Maryland. The crash took place in front of Laurel elementary school where both vehicles had to be towed away from the scene. No one was believed to have been injured in the crash.

San Jose Man Arrested For DUI After Urinating on Median, Hitting Police Car During Escape in Van

Posted On: May 21, 2015
A San Jose resident has been arrested on suspicion of DUI after urinating on a median and then driving away in a minivan. According to reports the man, 37-year-old Yrineo Pantoja, then refused to stop for police eventually clipping one of the officer’s patrol cars before stopping. Pantoja is facing a series of charges. No one was reported injured in the accident.

Elementary School Assistant in Tennessee Drives Students, Charged For DUI

Posted On: May 20, 2015
An administrative assistant at an elementary school in Tennessee is being charged for DUI after allegedly driving 14 students to a party while under the influence. Toni Gioioso, who worked at the school for 16 years, was observed driving erratically, crossing double lines and nearly hitting several cars head-on while driving the elementary school’s van. Once pulled over Gioioso admitted to taking antidepressant and blood pressure medications and failed sobriety tests. She had no prior history of arrest.

MD Man Indicted for Negligent Homicide for DUI Crash

Posted On: May 19, 2015
Following a five month investigation by Maryland police, a man has been indicted for negligent homicide for a fatal single vehicle crash that killed one and injured three more. Karl Tomanek, is being charged with DUI and negligent homicide after his truck crossed the center line and crashed into a tree. Tomanek and three other passengers were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle.