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Maryland Armed Robbery Charges – Criminal Charges for Six Men Accused of Home Invasion and Armed Robbery

Throughout the legal career of a dedicated Maryland criminal lawyer, it is common to represent individuals who have been accused of a variety of criminal charges. Often, these people are not accused alone, and others are also suspected of partaking in the criminal activity. The circumstances are similar in a recent case where six Maryland men are being charged for an alleged home invasion, where the victims were held at gun point and tied up.

Six Maryland men are facing Maryland armed robbery charges after Rockville police officers conducted a traffic stop and discovered drugs and evidence of other crimes in the vehicle. On March 12 and March 22, the men allegedly barged into private residences where high-stakes poker games were taking place. Dressed in police officer’s uniforms, they forced their way into the home, tied up the poker players, and stole various items from the homes such as jewelry, cash, and credit cards.

As a result of the investigation conducted by law enforcement officials, Kevin Guzman, 19, Dalio Guzman, 20, Samie Neil, 20, Francis Voysest, 19, and Kadeem Haynes, 19 have all been accused of Maryland armed robbery charges, including the use of a firearm, wearing a mask, and abduction. The sixth man, Hung Nguyen, 31, was charged with robbery. The investigation is currently ongoing. According to police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell, “We have very strong suspicions that more people may have been victims but are reluctant to come forward to report it.”

Facing accusations of criminal charges is a scary and difficult process for anyone to go through, whether the person is alleged to have acted alone or in a group. As seen by the above example, conviction of armed robbery charges can have life-changing consequences, including significant jail time. To protect your personal liberties and freedoms, it is vital to contact an experienced and hard-working Maryland armed robbery lawyer for assistance. Doing so immediately can not only provide the best legal advice and legal representation, but also help ensure the most positive outcome for your case.

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