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Maryland DUI Attorney: Criminal Charges for MD Police Officer Accused of DWI

Being arrested for a Maryland DUI charge can change lives forever, and possibly affect one’s job and ability to support themselves. City employees, especially police officers, are held to high professional standard. However, if an officer busts a fellow cop for driving under the influence of alcohol within the city they work, the suspect’s job is immediately on the line. Experienced Maryland DUI lawyers will undoubtedly witness similar examples of this throughout their career, much like a recent incident, where prosecutors are accusing a Prince George’s County cop of causing a car accident while driving drunk.

In January 2010, off-duty officer Darin Rush was driving an unmarked police car westbound on Route 202. When he tried to merge on to Central Avenue, he lost control of his vehicle and the car rolled over. The crash severely damaged the cop cruiser and an emergency medical crew took Rush immediately the hospital. Although Major Andrew Ellis told the public that there was “probable cause to believe that [Rush] was operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol,” he declined to mention what evidence they have in support of that accusation.

As a result of the DUI charges, Rush was suspended from the police force with pay in the week after the incident. An internal investigation within the police department is ongoing in preparation for trial scheduled on April 19th, 2010. Ellis maintained that law enforcement officials have “no hesitation” when holding their own officers or those from other agencies accountable for drinking and driving. “We hold our employees to a higher standard. Our officer was in our police car, and the officer’s car flipped. That’s egregious. That’s not something that we’re going to let go without following the full extent of the law,” he said.

As seen by the example of Darin Rush, being charged with drunk driving in the State of Maryland can permanently alter lives, especially police officers. Conviction of a DUI charge can ruin a personal and professional reputation permanently, and could result in the loss of driving privileges, fines, or even jail time. Therefore, you will need a trustworthy and hard-working Maryland DUI attorney to devise the best defense. Years of experience, combined with the highest quality legal advice and legal representation, can help ensure that your case has a positive outcome.

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