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Montgomery County Robbery Suspects at Large

By The Law Offices of David Benowitz on May 31, 2010 5:42 PM | Permalink

Two of five suspects are still at large after a brutal beating and “pack robbery” in Montgomery County in early May.  A security camera in the stairwell of the Aspen Hill apartments recorded the incident, which left the 30-year-old victim with broken ribs and serious cuts and bruises.

Three of the suspects seen in the video have been identified by police as Kirkland Hall, 18; Tjay Joseph, 16; and Darrell Boyd-Brothers, 17. In the surveillance video of the beating and robbery, Hall appears to confront the victim and is the first to strike him. During the attack, the teen suspects and the two unidentified suspects allegedly stole the victim’s cell phone.

Hall and Joseph are also charged in another, more recent pack robbery. On May 22, Hall and Joseph allegedly approached a 22-year-old man and asked him for a quarter. Hall allegedly grabbed the victim’s hat, and they allegedly robbed him of cash. Then the pair, along with three other men, supposedly chased the victim until he was able to flag down a car.

After Hall and Joseph were arrested in the May 22 incident, police identified them in the Aspen Hill assault. Two of the three suspects are in Montgomery County jail, and the third has been transferred to a juvenile facility. All are charged as adults in the attack. Each defendant may require separate representation from a criminal attorney.

Even when there is video evidence in an incident, there are several things a Montgomery County criminal attorney can evaluate to help protect clients, including inflated charges, misidentification, and improper police procedures.

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