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Tips To Help You Choose A DUI Lawyer

3 Tips to Help You Choose a Great DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with DUI, finding the right Tampa DUI lawyer or Orlando DUI Lawyer is a very important decision that you need to make. You may already be receiving letters or phone calls from DUI lawyers. The internet is also full of listings with DUI Defense lawyers claiming to be the best.

At Finebloom and Haenel, our DUI Defense lawyers want you to feel confident and secure in your choice of legal counsel. When searching for a lawyer to take on your DUI case, here are 4 helpful tips to consider:

1. Find a defense attorney whose practice concentrates specifically in the area of DUI. Often times, you’ll find criminal defense attorneys who not only handle general criminal defense, but who also concentrate in a specific area. For example, some lawyers specialize on sex crime defense, fraud defense, or even defense against lawsuits (people being sued). While it is unlikely that you’ll find an attorney who limits his/her practice to one specific style of defense, it is easy to find attorneys who concentrate in a few related areas of defense. Since you’re considering a DUI defense lawyer, keep in mind that DUI is a traffic related offense. If your DUI defense lawyer also helps clients fight traffic violations and traffic misdemeanors, chances are he/she is well versed in motor vehicle law and has adequate experience to build a legitimate DUI defense.

2. Take time to think about what qualities and characteristics matter to you. Are you looking for an ambitious, early-career lawyer who demonstrates a willingness to make up for a lack of experience through hard work? Maybe cost is a secondary concern and you will only consider a veteran law group with well-established, documented credentials? There are certainly advantages to each avenue. An early-career lawyer might charge lower fees and his/her hard work may uncover a new, highly successful approach to defending your case. On the other hand, a veteran law group may have handled several cases, in the state of Florida, exactly like yours, and know exactly what to do. But what if that experience works against them and they are less likely to fight your case and dig down for new strategies? These are all important factors to consider. The bottom line: you’re probably still unsure at this point. Schedule a few meetings with at least 4 or 5 different lawyers or law firms. Choose some large, and some small. Go meet with the lawyer face to face. If the lawyer takes the time to make you feel comfortable and confident with him/her, go with your gut and retain.

3. There is no documented reference list of the top Florida lawyers. Win/loss rates are not documented like they are in professional sports. Often times, case outcomes are a result of negotiations and settlements. Technically, those could be viewed as draws or ties. In legal reality, those outcomes are reached in the best interest of the client, so they’re actually victories for the lawyers and their clients. Be mindful of lawyers who claim to be specialists. Law firms may concentrate or focus in a specific area of practices, but are not allowed to claim the title of specialist unless a certified third party agency has awarded that title to them. Experience, focused, concentrated are all good things – but if they’re specialists, ask them who awarded their certification.

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