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University of Virginia Quarterback Facing DWI Charges

Former Gonzaga high school standout and current freshman quarterback at the University of Virginia Nick Johns is facing driving while intoxicated charges after being pulled over in Charlottesville with a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. Johns was not practicing with the team and is set to appear in court on September 28th. His […]

Former Ravens’ Running Back DUI Updates

The jury trial of Bernard Pierce, former Ravens’ running back and current Jacksonville Jaguar player, is set on October 27th for his DUI case that took place in Maryland. After requesting a jury trial, Pierce’s case was transferred to the Baltimore County Circuit Court. Pierce was arrested on March 18th in Baltimore County for a […]

Sleeping Driver Charged with DUI in Maryland

Over the weekend, a Maryland driver was arrested by Cambridge police officers after they allegedly found him drunk and asleep behind the wheel. At 10:00 pm on Friday, officers responded┬áto a report stating that there was a vehicle sitting in the intersection of Bayly Road and Race Street. After they arrived at the scene, the […]

Former Redskins Quarterback Donovan McNabb Charged For DUI

Former starting quarterback for the Eagles and Redskins and current Fox Sports analyst Donovan McNabb is facing charges of ‘extreme DUI’ after playing a role in a car accident last month in Arizona. McNabb allegedly had a blood alcohol percentage of 0.171% which is considered ‘extreme’ under Arizona law, and more than twice the legal […]

Silver Spring Man Sentenced For DUI After 9 Years On The Run

A Maryland resident responsible for the death of a retired policeman in 2006 was finally sentenced Wednesday after spending the last nine years on the run. Wilfred Olalo received the maximum sentence and is set to serve 3 years and 60 days for the crash in addition to potentially another 5 years for skipping bond. […]

San Jose Man Arrested For DUI After Urinating on Median, Hitting Police Car During Escape in Van

A San Jose resident has been arrested on suspicion of DUI after urinating on a median and then driving away in a minivan. According to reports the man, 37-year-old Yrineo Pantoja, then refused to stop for police eventually clipping one of the officer’s patrol cars before stopping. Pantoja is facing a series of charges. No […]

Sterling Driver Arrested For DUI After Hitting Pedestrian

A Sterling woman was arrested on DUI charges Sunday after hitting a pedestrian crossing the street. The driver was arrested at the scene and is being held on $5,000 bond. The victim of the accident was taken to the hospital but released.

New York Man Walks into Police Car, Charged for DWI

A New York driver was arrested and charged with DWI after walking straight into the inside of a marked police car at a gas station. According to reports the man, Mark Masterson, parked next to the police car and got out of his pick-up, but couldn’t control himself from running straight into the marked squad […]

Maryland Police Officer Charged For DUI After Crash

A Hagerstown, Maryland police officer has been charged with DUI after his car crossed the center line and hit another car. According to reports the officer, Terry Hose, was not on duty and neither him nor the person in the other car were seriously injured. Maryland State Police has yet to issue a statement on […]

Tennessee Woman Arrested For 8th DUI

A Tennessee woman was pulled over and arrested for her 8th DUI charge after the officer smelled alcohol during a traffic stop. The woman, 57 year old Martha Gilliam, failed field sobriety tests at the scene and had to be reminded multiple times by the officer to look for her license. Gilliam is being charged […]

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