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DUI News

Sleeping Driver Charged with DUI in Maryland

Over the weekend, a Maryland driver was arrested by Cambridge police officers after they allegedly found him drunk and asleep behind the wheel. At 10:00 pm on Friday, officers responded to a report stating that there was a vehicle sitting in the intersection of Bayly Road and Race Street. After they arrived at the scene, the […]

Man Driving The Wrong Way Charged With DUI

Law enforcement officers arrested a 40-year-old Baltimore male after they discovered him driving on the wrong side of the road. The charged individual, Hexag Franois, was taking into police custody on Sunday, July 19th, 2015, shortly after he was found driving on the wrong side on DuPont Highway. After smelling alcohol coming from the vehicle, […]

Mom Charged With DUI After Hit-And-Run, Four Children In Car

Adrienne Young, 32, was charged with DUI on June 26 for allegedly committing a hit-and-run in Hendersonville, TN after taking opioid pills while driving with her four children. Young currently faces seven total charges, of which includes a second DUI. According to police records, Young began to cry after the officer informed of what the next […]

Tennessee Driver Found Without Pants or Shoes Arrested For DUI

A 44-year old DUI suspect was arrested after being found by police behind a bush wearing no pants or shoes, and wearing his shirt backwards. Law enforcement was responding to a report of an abandoned vehicle facing the wrong way. The suspect, James Scott, was released on $7,500 bond and is set to appear in […]

Prince George’s Man Arrested For DUI Twice in One Night

A Prince George’s County man is facing charges of driving under the influence after being pulled over and deemed to be over the legal limit twice in one night. According to reports Felix E. L. Mateo was first arrested at 12:54 am and released but then arrested again a short time later. Both times Mateo […]

Maryland Ranked 5th Most Leniant State For DUI Charges

Wallethub.com released it’s rankings of the strictest and most lenient states on DUI, with Maryland coming in as the 5th most lenient. The rankings which are supposed to take into account the enforcement rules of all 50 states named neighboring DC as the 2nd most lenient state (or District) and nearby Virginia as the 8th […]

Actor John Stamos Arrested For DUI in California

Well known actor John Stamos was arrested for driving under the influence on Friday night, after being arrested and taken to a hospital for what was classified as a medical condition. The former Full House and General Hospital actor is set to appear in court September 11 and could face up to a $1,000 fine […]

Maryland Man Charged For DUI After Fleeing Police Through Wheat Field

A 26-year old man is being charged for driving under the influence after speeding away from police and onto a wheat field. Law enforcement attempted to pull over the Maryland resident, when he took off, driving off of an embankment and onto a field of wheat. The suspect, George David Bopst, then continued driving, crossing […]

Suspected DUI Driver Hits Disability Transport Bus in Maryland

A Maryland driver suspected of DUI has been arrested after allegedly crashing into a disability transport bus in Laurel, Maryland. The crash took place in front of Laurel elementary school where both vehicles had to be towed away from the scene. No one was believed to have been injured in the crash.

Elementary School Assistant in Tennessee Drives Students, Charged For DUI

An administrative assistant at an elementary school in Tennessee is being charged for DUI after allegedly driving 14 students to a party while under the influence. Toni Gioioso, who worked at the school for 16 years, was observed driving erratically, crossing double lines and nearly hitting several cars head-on while driving the elementary school’s van. […]

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